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Balance: in a work work World

Money, Men and Work. It seems that the main drive of western society is an almost revered level of an unquestionable work ethic. In my observation the world of work is a masculine created system.  Without a man having an initiation into manhood it seems he is constantly wishing to prove his worth as a man through his effort in work.  This effort is powerful.  It can create the world we live in today.   A world that pushes boundaries in technology, in stamina, and in building unfathomable architecture.  Also a world that does not value rest, time to be quite and listen, and time for creating beauty. How can a system so driven to proving its value through work stop long enough to remember the value of time to create beauty? The people have to stand in their own resolute knowing that we are not controlled by anyone else but our own inner sense of what is best for us and our sensitivities within our bodies, minds and hearts.  And to make a clear and conscious choice around that knowing in order to create our own life balance that is rich in health, community, art and beauty.  To live with little money and have all the time in the world to create health and beauty may just be a way to create true wealth here on earth.