Alysha Graham Picard grew up in rural Aurora, Oregon on a Gurdjieff community.  Born April 29th 1982, she was drawn to art as early as her toddler years.  With the foundation of a community grounded in Self-Work and awareness she has fostered a passion for staying true to her path as an Artist.
Her inspiration comes from years of relating closely with nature, her passion for indigenous wisdom, Buddhist philosophy, yoga, health, and plant spirit medicine.  Growing up with a philosophy that stems from many cultures and believe systems she has found herself drawn and called to express through many traditions and draw from many cultures the essence that is global transcendental culture.  Dreaming a new way of living in harmony using sustainable technology, deep listening of natural cycles, and remembering the traditions that create a harmonious culture filled with art and expression.

Alysha formally began her painting studies at age sixteen when she studied oil painting with Jackie Wilson on the Oregon Coast.  She painted throughout high school also working with pottery and a variety of mediums.  At age eighteen she traveled to New York to study art at the Rochester Folk Art Guild.  Here her main focus was hand building pottery and cut work.  She then moved to Eugene to study art at the University of Oregon.  Here she took classes in Basic Design, Figure Drawing, Sculpture, Silk painting, and Oil Painting.  At age twenty-two she transferred to Portland State University in Portland Oregon.  Here she continued her focus in art studying Acrylic Painting, and a variety of Design classes.  She graduated from PSU with a Bachelor of Arts in 2007.

Her aim is to create a sanctuary similar to the one she was raised in, focused on artistic exploration, self-awareness, full spectrum health, and a culture rooted in right relation to the environment.  Living in Ashland Oregon, Alysha is focused on developing her dreams as an Artist and stream lining her vision for the creation of a artist-in-residence retreat center.