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Jewel of the Clear Mind

It can be so easy to allow our addictions to pull us into a mind racing with thoughts that pull our feelings from one emotion to another.  Where soon we find our bodies moving without awareness, our words speaking without intention, and our life energy no longer in our own hands.  It is my wish to be surrounded by others whom also love to foster inner spaciousness, awareness of our thoughts, our breath, and the energy we cultivate throughout the day.
How can we be in our center with all the distractions bombarding us throughout our daily experience?  That is the practice.  We can choose what we allow into our field by not watching endless bullshit in movies, on the internet, shopping for what we don’t need.  Stop.  Allow the day to be filled with rich listening, with deep breath, delicious tastes, sweet music that feeds the soul.  We are the vessels of transmutation, we can take the old that no longer serves us and transform it into pure sweet delicious new life with each breath. ~ Alysha Graham Picard   7/16/14