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Living our Purpose and facing the reality of the need to make money

I have had the incredible privilege of having education be an unconditional option granted to me from elementary school to high school, from high school to getting my BA at Portland State University.  I did not have to pay for any part of this education, what a blessing that is.  Through my experience of education I have seen the power granted in having many options available and the limitations of education in the broader spectrum of how the school system is run. I learned at the age of 16 to be sure and NOT follow the trend of doing what is encouraged in the greater society’s acceptance of what leads to success.  I dropped out of the club “Future Business Leaders of America” FLBA when I realized that I was doing it because me sisters had been in the club but that truly it was not of any interest to me.  I then quickly arranged my next two years of high school to be filled primarily with art classes. In college I was very skeptical of being told that I had to take certain classes in order to obtain a specific degree.  I took the very bare minimum of requirements to get to the place of “free range education” in creating my own definition of a degree. I have always loved nature.  I have always loved art.  I have always loved music and storytelling.  I have always loved philosophy and mystical cultures.  I have always loved dance choreography.  So this is what I choose to study in college.  I danced West African Dance, I sculpted with wood and clay, I took classes in wilderness survival, ultralite backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, outdoor education, eastern philosophy, oil painting, silk painting, multicultural studies, modern dance, afro-cuban orisha dance, dance choreography and improve dance.  I filled my cup so full of my own passion that the concern for my future with money was no where to be found. After college I lived through circumstantial unfolding…the magic of my passion for music and art gave me circumstances where I didn’t have to pay my rent.  My love for nature led me to places where money wasn’t necessary in order to eat.  I worked in trade in many circumstances for my food.  So until now money has been something that I rarely had much of, and because my life was so rich with what I loved, I wasn’t concerned about getting more money than I needed.  All that mattered was continuing my practice of learning what I loved. I am finally at a new phase in my life where in order to give my gifts more fully to the greater world it would be beneficial that I learn how to work with receiving and exchanging larger quantities of money.  In order to create my greatest dream I will need to have full liberty to build a village on a large piece of land.  Which I realize now takes a level of accepting business into my life in order to allow more levels of responsibility to unfold.  I am looking to build a learning center on a large piece of land, focused on art, dance, mysticism, sustainable technologies, and much much more. I want to build a village.  A village whose heart is so rich in culture that every person that sets foot on the land is enriched with inspiration.  The main theme of life in the village is inspiration.  If there is not inspiration in ones creation than why make it?  I want a village culture dedicated to innovation.  New inventions, new technologies, new stories mixed with ancient lore, a place where many people are bursting with so much creative force that the force becomes the heart of a new culture…something we cannot fathom until we are living inside of it.  But first comes the foundation. In not allowing money to be a limit in my dream process I do not feel hopeless in dreaming too large a dream for my wallet.  I believe wholeheartedly that this dream of building a village based on artistic inspiration is a dream being dreamed by a greater wish by hundreds of other artists and innovators.  And in that power of dreaming a greater dream it wants to be birthed and will be birthed in it’s own perfect timing.  I believe the village heart is coming.  It is alive within me, and I will do my best to hold its purity and essential beauty for as long as it feeds my soul to dream of its creation. Keep dreaming limitless dreams.