Alysha Graham Picard

The Role of the Artist


My Art is a discovery, a journey of merging the interior landscape with the reflections of my outer world.  My understanding of what it is to live in my fullest potential, in balance is always deepening.  My art is a blend of connecting to my inner purpose while also addressing the societal complexes that the external world faces today. My joy comes from a very quiet place of stillness.  A place where everything is wiped clean by the simple awareness of my breath and my body.  In this simplicity a vast canvas is spread, ready to be colored by the infinite possibility of my mind and heart.  I like to believe that when we clear the mind to become simple awareness we are gifted the opportunity of new space for new thoughts and visions to birth forth.  The mystery, the deep void, is always birthing, and I am the ears, the eyes, the sense of touch, the emotional body here to translate its infinite whisperings.  The language of life has so many creative possibilities, at times I am so full there is nothing to be done but to hold the potential with my whole being.

Beauty is all around.  In the wind, in the colors, in the movement and stillness, in the patterns, in the sounds, and it seems it is my quest to be the connection between the beauty and the language that the beauty wants to communicate through the human form.  Through the body, through the mind, through the emotions, all the way through to where I come to an understanding of what it is to live in the presence of the sacred in everyday life, and to acknowledge this sacred life everyday through art.

It is my role as an artist to sit in this question of What does Art, What does the Sacred, What does Beauty want to become today?  and giving it the most optimal space to be communicated through in its most direct form.  It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to become a refined tool, open and ready for infinite expression to be delivered through.  It takes a lot of patience to allow the language of beauty to sink roots down deep.  And it takes a lot of trust in the formless to be birthed into form from deep inside the mystery.

I want Art to be a catalyzed for celebration.  To create culture through the celebration of art, and to let that art be an expression of our collective sacred.  So it is my challenge to be a ready made tool for art to be expressed through, and to create a culture that can hold the space of the collective sacred.